Lordís Day 51 Themes and Divisions


W. B. Slomp


Open your eyes when dealing with your own sins and the sins of others


Look carefully:


  1. At others
  2. At yourself
  3. At the Lord Jesus


C. Bouwman


The disciples are taught to ask a compassionate God for forgiveness


  1. The circumstances around this petition
  2. The theology behind this petition
  3. The answer to this petition


The Lord teaches us to ask for what he has promised: the forgiveness of sins


  1. The Old Testament background to this petition
  2. The New Testament fulfillment of this petition


W. Bredenhof


The Lord Jesus teaches us to pray for forgiveness


  1. The meaning of forgiveness
  2. The basis of forgiveness
  3. The practice of forgiveness


C. Stam


The confession concerning the Lordís instruction to pray for the forgiveness of sins


We ask for:


  1. Daily washing in the blood of Christ
  2. Daily renewal by the Spirit of Christ

B. Holwerda


The fifth petition is only acceptable to God when there is the right knowledge


  1. Of our need
  2. Of Godís requirement
  3. Of firm trust


K. Dijk


The petition for forgiveness


  1. Why we pray for forgiveness
  2. What we pray for when we pray for forgiveness
  3. What ground we stand on as we pray for forgiveness


The childís pray to the Father for his favour


  1. To the father
  2. From the child


The ďasĒ in the petition for forgiveness


  1. Speaks of what God gives
  2. Speaks of what God asks


Also this petition is the entreaty of fellowship


  1. In the fellowship of sin
  2. In the fellowship of forgiveness