Lordís Day 49 Themes and Divisions


C. Bouwman


The child of God prays into existence the Fatherís vision for world history


  1. The content of the vision
  2. The sharing of the vision
  3. The answer to the vision


In constant prayer we ask God for grace to do and accept his will for us


  1. The background to the petition
  2. The example of heaven
  3. The implication for each of us


Jesus instructs his disciples to ask God for strength to obey his laws in their every circumstance


  1. God claims every area of life for himself
  2. My prayer must cover every area of life


W. Bredenhof


The Third Petition: praying for help in our office and calling


We pray to do Godís will in this:


  1. Cheerfully
  2. Constantly
  3. Completely


C. Stam


The Lord Jesus teaches us to pray for the reformation of our will according to the will of God


  1. What God wants to be done
  2. How God wants it to be done


B. Holwerda


The Third Petition


  1. The deformation of the earth from out of heaven
  2. The reformation of heaven from off the earth
  3. The reformation of the earth from out of heaven


R. H. Bremmer


The prayer to do Fatherís will


Therein we pray:


  1. Not with resignation
  2. In the obedience of faith
  3. With a heavenly example


K. Dijk


The prayer for the unity of heaven and earth


  1. It focusses first on heaven
  2. It focusses then on earth


The third petition arises


  1. Out of our need
  2. Towards Godís gift


Prayer for obedience to the Fatherís will


  1. According to the heavenly ideal
  2. In the earthly reality