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Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series Volume 17, Part 5, Number 2


July— December


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* * * *



Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Third Series Volume 17, Part 5, Number 2


July— December


* *



Removal of Deposits From Copyright Office

NOTICE is given to authors, copyright proprietors, and other lawful claimants that they may claim and remove before January 1, 1967, any article of the following named classes of published works deposited for copyright between January 1, 1961, and January 1, 1962, not reserved or disposed of as provided by sections 213 and 214 of Title 17 of the United States Code and still remaining in the files of the Copyright Office at the time of the request for their removal. The classes of published works covered by this notice are:

Books and pamphlets.

Works of art; models or designs for works of art.

Reproductions of a work of art.

Drawings or plastic works of a scientific or technical character.


Prints and pictorial illustrations excluding prints or labels used for articles of merchandise. Other published works and all unpublished works are excluded from this notice.

The request for the removal of any copyright deposit should be signed by the person entitled thereto or his duly authorized agent. Such request should identify the work by stating the title, author, copyright proprietor, registration number, and year of deposit, and should be addressed to the Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C 20540.

L.C. card 6—35347

This number identifies the Library of Congress printed card for the complete series of the Catalog of Copyright Entries.

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. Price of this part is given on page vi.


29 *




is published by authority of sections 210 and 211 of Title 17 of the United States Code. Section 210 provides in part: "The current catalog of copy- right entries and the index volumes herein pro- vided for shall be admitted in any court as prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein as regards any copyright registration."

The Catalog is subdivided into parts correspond- ing to the classes of material listed in section 5 of Title 17 of the United States Code. The table at the end of this preface shows the organization of the Catalog, the symbols used with the registration numbers to distinguish the classes, and the prices of the semiannual issues.

The record of each copyright registration listed in the Catalog includes a description of the work copyrighted and data relating to the copyright claim (the name of the copyright claimant as given in the application for registration, the copy- right date, the copyright registration number, etc.) .

Information as to changes of copyright owner- ship is not included in the Catalog, but a search of the Copyright Office Assignments and Related Documents Indexes may be requested from the Register of Copyrights, and a fee for the search and report will be estimated at the statutory rate of $3 per hour.

In the case of each registration listed, except for renewals, there has been deposited a copy or copies of the work in accordance with the pro- visions contained in sections 12, 13, 14, or 215 of Title 17 of the United States Code.

For a more complete description of the contents of this issue of the Catalog see p. vii.

Orders, payable in advance, for all parts of the Catalog of Copyright Entries should be sent to the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. Orders may be placed for individual issues, as subscrip- tions for one or more parts, or for the complete Catalog at $20 a year, and for periods of one, two, or three years. All orders should state clearly the title and the inclusive dates of the part wanted. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Superintendent of Documents.

The Copyright Office welcomes inquiries, sug- gestions, and comments on the content and organization of the Catalog. Such communica- tions should be addressed to the Chief of the Cataloging Division, Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20540.

Organization of Parts

Each part listed in the following table records all current registrations in the class or classes indicated by the alphabetical symbols. Renewal registrations are separately listed at the end of each related part. The first letter of the symbol is that of the class under which registration is made; the second, if any, is a designation added by the Copyright Office for the purpose of statis- tical analysis. A zero immediately following the symbol, e.g., AF0, EF0, identifies a foreign work deposited under the waiver-of-fee provision (sec- tion 215 of Title 17 of the United States Code). Some parts also contain registrations made under other symbols if the subject matter or i\\x- of material is similar to that generally included in the part.


BB R Part : B BF


Price per semiannual issue Part 1 Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and

Contributions to Periodicals $2.50

A Books

AF Books manufactured abroad (except those

registered for ad-interim copyright) Books in the English language registered

for ad-interim copyright Contributions to periodicals Renewal registrations

Periodicals 1 .00


Periodicals manufactured abroad (except those registered for ad-interim copy- right) Periodicals in the English language regis- tered for ad-interim copyright Renewal registrations Parts 3-4 Dramas and Works Prepared for Oral

Delivery 1 .00

C Lectures and other works prepared for

oral delivery DF Dramatic and dramatico-musical works

published abroad DP Published dramatic and dramatico-

musical works DU Unpublished dramatic and dramatico- musical works R Renewal registrations

Part 5 Music

EF Musical compositions published abroad

EP Musical compositions published in the

United States EU Unpublished music R Renewal registrations



Price per



Part 6 Maps and Atlases $0.50

F Maps

R Renewal registrations Parts 7-11 A Works of Art, Reproductions of Works of Art, Scientific and Technical Draw- ings, Photographic Works, Prints and Pictorial

Illustrations 1 .00

GF Works of art published abroad

GP Published works of art and designs for

works of art GU Unpublished works of art and designs for

works of art H Reproductions of works of art IP Published drawings or plastic works of a

scientific or technical character IU Unpublished drawings or plastic works of a

scientific or technical character JP Published photographs JU Unpublished photographs K Prints and pictorial illustrations R Renewal registrations

Part 1 IB Commercial Prints and Labels 1 .00

KK Commercial prints and labels R Renewal registrations

Parts 12-13 Motion Pictures and Filmstrips 50

LP Published motion-picture photoplays LU Unpublished motion-picture photoplays MP Published motion pictures other than

photoplays MU Unpublished motion pictures other than

photoplays R Renewal registrations

Subscription price: Complete Catalog for the year $20.00. Add $5.75 for foreign mailing. Orders, ac- companied by remittances, should be addressed to the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.


Table of Contents


Current Registrations 1 185

Renewal Registrations 1 847

Name Index 1949


PART 5 lists domestic and foreign published music and unpublished music registered in class E. It includes also selected music materials in the form of books, pamphlets, and dramas regis- tered in other classes.

Arrangement is by title. Each work is de- scribed in a main entry which includes informa- tion pertinent to the copyright claim. Refer- ences lead from variant tides, from distinctive subtitles, and from other titles associated with the work. Works for which the subsisting copyright has been renewed are listed separately in the Renewal Registrations section.

The Name Index to the names of composers, authors of words, claimants, etc. given in the main entries covers both currently registered works and renewal registrations, the latter being identified by the symbol (R).

For unpublished works currently registered, each main entry includes the following items of information if available and applicable:

1) Title. If the piece is an excerpt, the title of the work from which it is taken is also given.

2) Descriptive data arc given if the title names a musical form, e.g., Sonata.

3) Names of the authors, each preceded by an abbreviation indicating relationship to the

work, e.g., "w" (words by), "m" (music by), "arr." (arranged by).

4) Name of the employer in the case of a work made for hire, if so named in the applica- tion.

5) Information contained in the application which relates to the registration of an earlier version of the work.

6) Brief statement of the new matter on which copyright is claimed, preceded by the ab- breviation NM, if this information is given in the application.

7) Copyright symbol ©.

8) A statement of limitation of claim if the application explicitiy limits the claim.

9) Name of the copyright claimant.

10) Date on which the last of all the items re- quired to complete registration (i.e., copy, application, and fee) was received in the Copyright Office.

11) Registration number.

For published works currently registered, each main entry includes the following items of in- formation if available and applicable:

1) Title, and any descriptive data given in the work, including medium of performance.

2) Names of the authors with designations indicating relationship to the work.

3) Edition statement.


4) Place of publication for all foreign works; and for domestic works if given in an im- print on the work, unless the work is entered under the name of the publisher as author.

5) Name of the first-named publisher given in an imprint on the work; when the pub- lisher is also the author the name is omitted.

6) Pagination and indication as to whether the work is published in score and/or parts.

7) Series statement.

8) Note giving the language of the text when it is not apparent from the entry.

9) Statement that the work is part of a collec- tion or bound with another work.

10) Names of authors given in the application which do not appear elsewhere in the entry.

1 1 ) Name of the employer in the case of a work made for hire, if so named in the applica- tion.

12) Information contained in the application which relates to the registration of an earlier version of the work.

1 3) Brief statement of the new matter on which copyright is claimed, preceded by the ab- breviation NM, if this information is given in the application.

14) Copyright symbol ©.

15) A statement of limitation of claim if the application or notice on the work explicitly limits the claim.

16) Name of the copyright claimant.

17) Date of publication as given in the appli- cation.

18) Registration number.

For published music, whenever it is necessary to indicate a variation between the information given in the application and in the copy of the work with respect to the claimant's name or the date of publication, the data from the application are given first, followed by the phrase "in notice" and the data given in the work; e.g., © Editorial MRT; lAug63 (in notice: 1962); EF0-95000.

For renewal registrations, the main entry in- cludes the following items of information if avail- able and applicable:

1) Title and descriptive data, including me- dium of performance.

2) Names of authors, with designations indi- cating their relationship to the work.

3) Indication as to whether the work was published in score and/or parts.

4) Brief statement of the new matter on which the original copyright was claimed, pre- ceded by the abbreviation NM, if available in the renewal application.

5) Copyright symbol ©.

6) Date of original copyright.

7) Original registration number.

8) Name of the renewal claimant followed by a statement in parentheses, usually abbre- viated, giving the basis of the renewal claim as supplied by the applicant; e.g., "John Doe (A)" indicates that John Doe has made renewal claim as an author.

9) Date of receipt of the renewal application or fee, whichever is later.

10) Renewal registration number.


Abbreviations and Symbols

The following list includes abbreviations and


next of kin of the deceased au-



in this catalog with specific copy-

thor, there being no will

right or

bibliographic meanings. Definitions are


new matter

not given for abbreviations in common use.








accepted alternative designation of


proprietor of work copyrighted by a corporate body otherwise


also known as

than as assignee or licensee of


accompa niment

the author


Administrator (s) or Administra-


proprietor of the composite work

trix cum testamento annexo (or


proprietor of the posthumous

with the will annexed)



.n.c.t.a. Administrator (s) or Administra-


proprietor of copyright in a work

tnx de bonis non cum testa-

made for hire

mento annexo (or with the will



previous, previously






arranged, arrangement

pt., pts.

part, parts


Band (Ger.)








copyright symbol


renewal registration


child or children of the deceased


registered, registration





doing business as




executor (s) of the author


trading as



T., Th.

Teil, Theil



v., vol., vols.

volume, volumes




words, words by


illustration (s)


widow of the author




widower of the author


Registrations, July-December 1963

Musical compositions published in the These figures represent the number of registrations

United States 5, 730 for music for July-December 1963, but do not

Musical compositions published abroad . 4, 079 necessarily represent the exact number of entries

Unpublished music 26, 698 in this issue of the Catalog of Copyright Entries.

Dramatico-musical compositions regis- Registration figures for other classes of material

tered in class D 68 may be found in the respective parts.

Music and books about music registered

in class A 397

Total 36,972

Renewals 4, 507



A list, arranged by title, of domestic and foreign, published and unpublished music materials registered during the period covered by this issue. References from variant titles and from distinctive additional titles are interfiled.

A-A, KOTKI DWA; na chdr mieszany a cap- pella, siowa popularne, m Franclszek Ryling. Score. (In PleiSni 1 piosen- kl. [Warsaw] p. 7-9) NM: music. © PWP. Przedstawlcielstwo Wydawn. Polsklch; 15Apr63; EPO-95079.

ABC, CHA CHA CHA; w & m Charlie Lopez & Vltln Avlles. © Peer International Corp.; 30Dec63; EU804W.

A. B.C. TWIST; w & m Joseph LaPuzza. © Joseph LaPuzza; 12Nov63; EU798519.

THE A. B.C. 'S OF DANCE; w & m Melvin Kaiser. 4 p. © Studio Music Corp.; 310ct63; EPI82623.

THE ABC'S OF LOVE; w & m Charles L. Bush. ©G.J. Music Co.; Uul63; EU778262.

A BAILAR BAMBULE; w & m Rafael Cepeda Atlles. © Southern Music Pub. Co, Inc.; 27Aug63; EU788OO9.

A BAILAR TWIST; twist, letra y muslca de Adolfo Araco (Adolfo Araco Bernedo) Madrid, Universal Jazz. Piano-con- ductor score & parts. (Serie Stereo) (With Realldad) © Universal Jazz; 24Sep63; EFO-96957.

A BIE GESUNDT. English w & m June Breton. NM: "music is a new bridge to Lebanese folk song. New English- language version." © June Breton; 2l0ct63; EU796789.

A BOIRE: Paroles de Michel Breuzard, muslque de Michel Breuzard et Gabriel Chaumette. Piano & chant. Paris, Editions Salabert. © Muslque Contemporalne; 29Jul63; EFO-95507.

A BOUCHE QUE VEUX-TU; paroles de Bernard Michel, muslque de Henri Salvador. Piano & chant. Parle, Editions Mual- cales H. Salvador. © Henri Salvador & Bernard Michel; l8May62; EF28327.

A BRACCETTO FRA LE STELLE; bossa nova, tosto dl L. Medlnl, musioa dl H. dl Ceglle. Per canto piano.

Milano, Edizioni Musicali Sofia. Piano-conductor score. (With Croce del sud) © Edizioni Musicali Sofia S.R.L.; 10Jun63; EFO-96831.

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A CADENA PERPETUA; w & m Mercedes

Sagredo. © Peer International Corp.; 27Aug63; EU788054.

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A COMER JUEYES, CACHITA; w millano Sanchez (Bimbi) Corp.; 6Sep63; EP180116.

& m Maxi-

© Morro Music

A DIOS GRACIAS; w & m Xavier Mora

Godlnez. © Promo tora Hispano Ameri- cana de Musica, S.A.j lNov6j; EU797962.

A DONDE ESTAS, MI AMOR; w & m Purl Colon. © Peer International Corp. of Puerto Rico; 6Sep63; EU788964 .

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A GOZAR TIMBERO; (mambo), w & m Osvaldo Estlvll. © Cuban Music Corp.; 3Feb63; EP181259.

"A" IS FOR AN APPLE; w & m Tony Piano (Anthony A. Piano) Score (5 © Ant.ih my A, Flan Inc.; 2Aug63; EU78j50'iY.

A KILO EL BON BON; w & m Joe Looo.

© Edward B. Marks Music Corp.; 30Deo63»

hi;:,, 'i,,,'..

A LA ORILLA DEL LAGO. (At the lake shore), m Nataliclo M. Lima (Mussa- pere), arr. George Cole. New York, Peer International Corp. 3 p. Appl. author: Peer International Corp., employer for hire of George Cole. NM: piano arr. © Peer International Corp.; HDec63; EP182548.

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A-LE, A-LE, ALERO. English w & m George & June Thorn, a.k.a. George Fragos & June Thorn Fragos. © Thorn Creatlves, International; 230ct63; EU795785.

A LEY DE UN TRAGO; w & m Rafael

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A MIS VIEJOS; tango, muslca de Oava Belllnghiarl, Buenos Aires, EDAy © Editorial Argt-: nacional S.R.L. ; 50A

A mon AMOUR. See

a NOU inualqua d








A-l-A IN MIAMI; w & m Craig Reynolds.

© Robert Craig Reynolds; l8Nov63;

EU799084. A PAPA CUANDO VENGA; (plana Jlbara),

W & m Efraln (Mom) Rivera. © Morro

Music Corp.; 19Aug63; EP181970.

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ABOVE HIS BLUE SKY; w, m & arr.

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